What’s happening in Aleppo is terrible. But it’s perfectly fine that I don’t care as much.

“How come 130 people die in Paris and the whole world prays for Paris, but over 400,000 dead in Syria and no one bats an eye? #PrayForAleppo”

This is the latest iteration of the “Where’s the Outrage” line of Twitter, Facebook social activism. And just like all the ones before it and the SJWs championing it, it’s nonsensical garbage.

So, to all the raging SJWs reading this…

You care about your children more than your friends, yes?

And your friends more than your neighbors, yes?

And your neighbors more than strangers from across the country, yes?

That’s human nature: You are supposed to prioritize those who are close to you over those who aren’t.

So, tell me then: Why is it a problem that I feel more affected by tragedies in Paris than what’s happening right now in Aleppo? Why should I not feel more outraged from watching an innocent woman getting kicked down a flight of stairs by some degenerates in Berlin than hearing about the recent terrorist attacks in Istanbul?

Do you expect me to flip a coin to decide between saving my mom vs. saving you, too? You better not, because I’d gladly watch you die every single time.

It doesn’t mean I have no empathy for the people in Aleppo, or the Middle East, or Africa, or anywhere else in this world. That would be a moronic inference for you to make.

It’s just there are people whom I care more about, and that’s perfectly fine.

So, stop screaming, “Where’s the outrage?!”

It has nothing to do with indifference; because I’m not indifferent, and you know that. Rather, you’re after that flash of righteousness high you get by trying to crucify me for not being just as worked up about people getting killed in the war zones of Syria as I was about people getting gunned down in a Florida nightclub on a typical Saturday night.

And chances are, you’re doing absolutely nothing to help those people, either. You’re just fishing for worthless Facebook likes. You simply want to have a Syrian flag overlay to cover your overly-desperate-duck-face-profile-photo on Facebook, so you can pretend to know what “solidarity” means.

You’re nothing but a selfish prick and a terrible troll.

Go ahead. Crucify me. I am totally comfortable and honest in my position, and I am a much better person than you are because of it.

But hey, I still have empathy even for you, my little SJW pal  ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

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