“You should be more careful” is not victim blaming.

I can’t believe we, as a society, have gotten to such a point of idiocy where this simple concept needed defending:

You should protect yourself.

I mean, holy shit! How did we produce an entire generation of SJWs (social justice warriors) thinking self-preservation is wrong?!

I’d love to stick my hand in flames. It’d look awesome! But until someone invents heatless flames, I’m not going to go around demanding flames to not burn me. I’ll simply not stick my hand in flames.

I’d love to tell that gigantic dude from yesterday with biceps twice the size of my thigh, “Stop blasting your music on a tram!” But I didn’t. I know I have the right to do so. But my rights are not going to stop my bones from breaking.

Should we look into inventing flames that can cook our meals and light our porches, but will never burn us? Of course!

Should we educate people that intimidation and violence are not proper responses to peaceful criticisms? Of course!

But none of that means we can go around acting like they have already been accomplished. That’s just stupid.

My personal favorite from these past few weeks happened on Reddit. Several dozens of SJWs were brigading a poor guy for saying women in Cologne on NYE should avoid areas with large congregations of men.

My God, those SJWs were pissed! “Women have the right to go wherever they please!” “You want women to change?! You are victim blaming!” “Men like you are why women live in fear!”

Here’s what those SJWs were really advocating for: When you go out to an event where everyone is drunk, do absolutely nothing to protect yourself, despite that:

  1. People do crazy and aggressive things when they are drunk; and
  2. Last year in Cologne on NYE over a thousand women were sexually assaulted by, you guessed it, large congregations of men.

Do those SJWs also walk across roads blindly when the pedestrian signal is green for them?

I hope so.

Follow-Up: Does feminism naturally attract the insane?

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12 thoughts on ““You should be more careful” is not victim blaming.

      1. I took about 10 seconds to flame you, you made a blog to post articles like this, who’s really more triggered? Blog so triggered the author responds to throwaway comments in real time. Nice


  1. Lemme have your back RET! Your post is awesome. And these trolls … wow! Like … really? You don’t wanna get trolled? Don’t post! OH VICTIM BLAMING!!! lol So for real, though. Women DO have the right to go wherever they want and dress however they like and not get raped. Absolutely. Guess what? If you are hanging out where their are a bunch of dudes getting drunk, there’s going to be a pretty good chance there will be a raper in the midst. If you are a person, you are a potential target. If you are a woman, you are a potential target for a hetero raper. If you are wearing a short skirt and thong underwear, you are a potential target with easy access to a hetero raper. One more, promise. If you are Drunk woman, flashing your tits, wearing a short skirt and thong underwear. You are a BEACON of delight with easy access for any raper who happens to be in the vicinity. Rape is wrong, and rapers know it wrong. They don’t fucking care! If they did, they wouldn’t do it. So… if you are one one of these beacons, you may get raped. Not saying you deserved it. But other women who don’t deserve it either, are going to thank you for being the glow in the dark bait, that kept the rapers off of them.


  2. This blog really is taking a turn for the worse. I can’t stop laughing at the fact that the author is literally responding to trolls and anons in as little as 10 minutes after they post with an ‘edgy’ (if you’re a teenager I guess) response. If I’m being honest I think that the term ‘triggered’ has lost so much of its meaning because of how overused it is. What amount of unnecessary outrage makes someone ‘triggered’? Am I as a longform commenter triggered? I like to think I’m more purposeful in these responses to be ‘triggered’ (again whatever that means). I guess one thing really is clear in the end though…

    If anyone’s triggered it’s definitely Retortik. Triggered from the beginning by having to write these angry articles about whatever ‘triggered’ them into writing it. Then not having the self-control to ignore dumb attacks and instead having to respond to them near-immediately with immature responses. And yet I’m to believe that you’re professional journalists? Yea, right.

    New article, same old problems. Exaggerates and misinterprets a position into a strawman. Pretends like this problem is way bigger than it is. Attacks the strawman. I see why you changed the tagline, there’s no reality to be found on this whole website.

    1) Here’s a more realistic description of the ‘sjw’ position: The criticism of women acting in promiscuous/risky ways should be met with equally passionate criticisms of men taking advantage of their promiscuity. If you adopt a ‘social realist’ position (that certain parts of society are dangerous to certain groups) but do not advocate for its adjustment in a meaningful way, then when you write articles like this you essentially victim-blame. If a person at work fell down stairs without a handle-rail you could say “you should’ve been more careful” but you can’t deny or ignore the responsibility of the owner to create safe working conditions. I can’t wait for your article/outrage regarding the inequality of social accessibility along gender lines, or regarding the mainstream objectification of women etc. I won’t wait up for it though.

    2) Your metaphor is quite plainly wrong. You pretend like society is something immutable, like a flame, and then get mad that a person doesn’t treat it as immutable. Let’s get this clear. Culture is mutable, society is mutable, we can take steps to challenge a society that makes women feel unsafe. Acting as though society must be unfriendly to women, like a flame must be hot, misses the point entirely. I see why you do it though. This metaphor implies that these people literally have no common sense. A better metaphor would be living in a rickety house and saying to yourself… there’s nothing I can do to fix this house. Okay, well sure you could leave the house and be homeless (your solution), or you could fix the house.

    Here’s an (accurate) mock-up of your strategy this article.
    1) Look! I misinterpreted this position until it went against basic common sense.
    2) Look how illogical that position is now!

    In the end there is one upside… You listened to me! You changed the tagline. Glad to hear that my comments do not go unnoticed. The downside? The only thing that IS off-limits is good writing.


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