Inauguration riots, and no viral outcries from the left? Pathetic!

Shortly after Donald Trump was sworn in on Capital Hill as the 45th President of the United States, riots broke out across Washington, DC.

Coverages of the riots spanned over mainstream media and social media alike. Yet shockingly, the politically left, who for the past months vehemently decried Trump and screamed for democracy, barely showed any issues with the violent protests at all.

Protesting against what one disagrees with is a cornerstone of democracy and freedom of speech. However, a clear and absolute line must be drawn when protesting ventures into rioting, when peaceful demonstrations become violent attacks, and when the voice of ideas morphs into vehicles of oppression.

But the nature and the people behind the riots are not the point here. Maybe they are Hillary supporters, anti-Trump activists, or even opportunistic criminals. At this point, we simply don’t know, and it does not matter a bit.

The core point is: Where are the viral outcries from the left? Where is the voice that has been for months lashing out at every seemingly undemocratic twitch from the Trump-camp?

Is the vocal left rationalizing and legitimizing violent social disobedience simply because it tangentially fits their narrative?

This is pathetic, undemocratic, and absolutely hypocritical.

Here is a message to the silent left:

Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump was democratically elected according to the election rules of the United States, and as of this moment, he is the 45th President of the United States.

There is no justification for the riots. There is even less justification for not decrying the riots, no matter which side you lean towards.

By all means, protest and support the protests. But if you are not willing to draw such an obvious line against riots with equal loudness…

You are a traitor to everything you have advocated for!

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